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Some Examples of Websites


What started nearly 20 years ago has now become our daily life.

We can help if you are planning to have a unique website or just a standard one. We also redesign existing sites, make them interactive and provide the tools for you to edit the site yourself.

Websites shown here are edited in eight different languages - out of these we can edit texts in five: English, German, Swedish, Danish and Finnish.

To get an idea of what kind of websites we have made and work with please visit the following!

Design Reijo - the idea: to create a website with interesting backgrounds using html/php and css languages.

Design Reijo/Ken & Walik Ruggli (the owner of the site). The idea: an interactive site using php, databases, css. The site is edited now by Walik in all the five languages.

Reijo/Ken. Databases, php, css, JavaScript, Flash and cgi. Extensive articles and books section.

Reijo. html, css, Flash.

Reijo. php, css.